mercoledì 20 maggio 2009

See you later, alligator.
After while, crocodile.
Know what I said, punkinhead?
See what I mean, Jelly Bean?
Sure do, tennis shoe.
Yes, I do, kangaroo.

Not too soon, baboon.
Okeedokee, artichokee.
Give a hug, ladybug.
Take care, teddy bear.
Chop-chop, lollipop.
Bye-bye, French fry.
Time to squirm, wiggle worm.
Let's scat, alley cat.
Better skadoodle, poodle.
Out the door, dinosaur.

Toodaloo, kangaroo.
Wave good-bye, butterfly.
So long, King Kong.
Gotta go, armadillo

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